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The reliable international lottery

Lottobroker.com provides a convenient and easy access to international lottery games from all over the world. Besides international lottery games it has 20+ of the largest lottery games of the world available through the website.

International lottery – am I eligible to play?

Many people ask whether they are eligible to play international lottery or not. The question nowadays is not necessarily the logistics of purchasing or transferring the winnings of such international tickets, since the internet and electronic data processing techniques make these possible in a safe way. So from the purchasing point of view the answer is yes, you are eligible.

The other side of eligibility is the taxation of winnings. The prizes of some of these international lottery games are due to tax and some are already after tax. The question of eligibility is mainly to make sure that the winners pay all taxes, related to winnings.

Taxes provide revenue for states to support public services; therefore they go into good things. Education, roads, health care and so forth. And be honest to yourself when you hit an international lottery jackpot at the 50-60-100 million dollar level and you pay some tax, wouldn't you still be a filthy rich millionaire? Yes you would. So accept the fact that some taxes might be involved with some of these international games, and then you would really have a yes, as the answer to the eligibility question.

International lottery – how do I start?

We always say that you should stay within your lottery budget. Do not rush into international lottery games just because their jackpot is humongous. Start with one or two fields a week so you can test our system and get used to the way it works. It will spoil you with notification e-mails, online tracking surfaces, international lottery results and a good customer support.

Once you are familiar with the system and these international lottery games, set a budget for yourself and play any of these lotteries the way you want.

You will soon find out that they work the same way as your local lottery games and that international lottery games can be a good thing in your lottery portfolio along with the local games.

Come, join us and check out these international lottery games now!

From the pen of Prof. QB

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