Lotería de Navidad

About Lotería de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery online

Lotería de Navidad is the Spanish Christmas Lottery that has started in 1812. It is drawn each year just before Christmas, on the 22nd of December.

Lotería de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery has the largest prize fund of all lotteries in the world! It is over 2 billion euros!
What is more important, is that they raffle until the whole prize fund is spent, and this way they create millions of winners. For 2013 more than 27 million winning tickets are expected!

Sometimes hundreds of people win in the same town, making the town rich in no time!

It is so huge that the whole nation participates and now many people from abroad take part in the game. You can do it too, through our pages now.

About the tickets and their numbers

Lotería de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is unique. What they raffle is basically the 5 digits number code on the ticket. For 2013 there are 160,000,000 tickets for sale.
This is how the numbers and tickets add up:

100.000 numbers from 00001-99999.
Each number is available under 160 different serials and each serial has 10 tickets of the same number. Therefore every number is available 1,600 times. Altogether it is 100,000 numbers * 1,600 times = 160,000,000 tickets.

About the draw

Two drums are used for the raffle. One ball has the 100,000 of 5 digit numbers and the other has the 15.304 prizes. They pull a 5 digit number from the first drum, then they pull a prize to it from the second. Due to the huge number of prizes, the raffle takes about three hours.

Quick summary

160 serials of 100,000 numbers, with 10 tickets each
Total tickets for sale: 160,000,000
Total amount of prizes: 2.24 billion Euros
Total number of prizes: 15,304
Total winners expected: 27,547,200 tickets

Prize table

In case of Lotería de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, the winning numbers are basically the 5 digits numbers that are pulled from the first drum. Therefore the prize categories are simple: if your 5 digit number is pulled from one drum and the "Gordo" prize is pulled from the second drum, then it means, that your 5 digit number won the "Gordo" prize. It also means the altogether 1.600 tickets with that 5 digit number on them won the "Gordo" at the same time!

Raffled winning categories
CategoryNumber of prizesWinning on one ticket
Automatic winning categories
CategoryNumber of prizesWinning on one ticket
The numbers that are +1 larger or -1 smaller than "Gordo"22,000
The numbers that are +1 larger or -1 smaller than "Segundo"21,250
The numbers that are +1 larger or -1 smaller than "Tercero"2960
Same first three digits as in "Gordo", "Segundo", "Tercero" and "Cuartos"495100
Same last two digits as in "Gordo", "Segundo" and "Tercero"2,997100
Same last digit as in "Gordo"9,99920
Please note that in case of the first three digits and last two digits, the order of the numbers must be the same.

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How to buy lottery tickets, and play Lotería de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery online

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  3. step: Use the + and - buttons to select how many tickets you would like from the 5 digit numbered tickets. You always see how many of those numbers are still available in stock.

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News and interesting facts

Small towns winning big

In 2011, the 2,000 inhabitants of a tiny town of Granen found themselves richer by 720 million euros after scooping the top prize in Lotería de Navidad, the Christmas lottery of Spain.

In 2005, the combination of winning numbers had been sold in the small town of Vic, Catalonia in a way that it made the inhabitants winning approximately 500 million euros!

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Lotería de Navidad scores a nice 5 out of 5 based on 811 votes.

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