Lotto 6aus49 is a national lottery game in Germany that has been running since 1955 and has been the nation's most popular lottery draw since. There are two draws each week - on Wednesdays at 6:25pm CET and Saturdays at 7:25pm CET, and these are broadcasted via live streaming video on the German lottery operator's website.

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Lotto 6aus49 Number Generator

Number of Lines

How to Play

A standard ticket costs €1.50 (€0.50 makes up the processing fee) and players must choose six numbers from 1-49. There is also a separate Superzahl number from 0-9 but rather than choose this themselves, players are randomly assigned a Superzahl number based on the last digit of their unique ticket number.

There are several optional supplementary games too: Spiel 77, Super 6 and the GlücksSpirale, and each of these will incur an extra cost. Tickets can be bought from participating retailers in Germany, as well as online, while players outside of Germany can buy in via a lottery courier service who will go out in person to buy a valid game ticket on the player’s behalf.

Why to Play

Lotto 6aus49 is one for the lottery traditionalists; it has been running since 1955 and still offers classic lottery-style play. It also combines the chance to choose your own six main numbers with the 'luck of the draw' that comes from your randomly assigned Super number. That not only keeps things interesting, it also means that the five prize tiers that require the Super number to be matched are protected against having too many winners, as they are randomly allocated rather than risking, for example, allowing players to pick their own Super number and finding that most people opt for 'lucky' 7.

Supplementary Games

There are three supplementary games available when you buy a Lotto 6aus49 ticket:

Spiel 77 costs an extra €2.50 and is drawn twice a week alongside the main 6aus49 draw. To win, players must match a random seven-digit number, with smaller prizes for matching the last 1-6 digits and for matching any one digit anywhere in the seven.

Super 6 costs €1.25 and works on a similar principle to Spiel 77, with a six-digit number and prizes for matching the last 1-6 digits of this. Its prizes are relatively good - €666 for matching the last four digits, compared with €777 for the equivalent prize tier on Spiel 77, and €6,666 versus €7,777 for matching five digits, both of which are respectable payouts considering the lower cost of entry into Super 6.

The GlücksSpirale is a lottery with a pension-style payout of €7,500 a month for life, and potentially the highest total income of any German lottery game. Tickets cost €5 and there are lower prizes from €10 to €100,000. One draw is held in Munich each week, at 7:15pm CET on Saturdays, with winning numbers verified and then typically announced at 7:57pm.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

There is only one fixed prize in 6aus49, which is the €5 paid out for matching two main draw balls and the separate Super ball. A 12.8% share of stakes is paid into the top jackpot prize for each draw too. After all of the money for those two prize levels has been deducted, the remainder is split between the other tiers, with 10% going to the second prize for matching the six main balls without the Super ball.

Lotto 6aus49 has a similar structure to the old UK National Lottery, which also began as a 6 from 49 game. However, unlike the UK's lottery, the German game pays out its top jackpot only when the separate Super ball is also matched, which explains the much larger odds of nearly 140 million to one on winning the jackpot.

Overall the odds of winning any prize are around 1 in 31, which is around the level normally seen for a national lottery of this type.

The table below shows the theoretical payouts according to 6aus49's operators alongside the chances of winning on each tier.

Match Prize (approx.) Odds
6 + Super €8,949,642.20 1 in 139,838,160
6 €574,596.50 1 in 15,537,573
5 + Super €10,022.00 1 in 542,008
5 €3,340.60 1 in 60,223
4 + Super €190.80 1 in 10,324
4 €42.40 1 in 1,147
3 + Super €20.90 1 in 567
3 €10.40 1 in 63
2 + Super €5 (fixed) 1 in 76

Payment Options

German lottery prizes are paid out as a cash lump sum, with no annuity option. If you play online through a lottery courier service, your ticket will be safely released to you so that you can claim any large prizes in person, in accordance with the game rules. The exact claim period can vary depending on which region of Germany sold the winning ticket, so it's important to check the local rules for the area in which your ticket was bought.


Lotto 6aus49 is one of the longest-running modern lotteries, dating back to 1955, and has been the most popular draw in Germany over the decades since. The top jackpot prize is expected to be around €9 million but can be much bigger in a rollover draw, with past records including a €45 million payout in December 2007, which three winning tickets shared. A little over a year earlier, in October 2006, a single ticket set the record for a one-person payout at €37.7 million.

Where to Play

As a national lottery, 6aus49 is open to players throughout Germany, and tickets are sold through a network of retailers as well as online. Thanks to the availability of lottery courier services - where a physical ticket is bought in person and kept safe on behalf of players outside of the host country - it is possible to buy into Lotto 6aus49 no matter where you are in the world, and claim your jackpot using the physical ticket, which will be released to you in the event of a win.

Where the Money Goes

Half of all revenues from 6aus49 go into the prize fund and a proportion also goes to support a number of good causes. In 2013, €60 million alone was donated to these causes from the GlücksSpirale game, funding German Olympic sports, community welfare schemes and the protection of significant monuments.


When do ticket sales close?

The last tickets are sold at 6pm CET ahead of the Wednesday draw and 7pm CET for the Saturday draw - remember if you are using a lottery courier to place your order in plenty of time, so that they have time to make it to a retailer to buy your ticket for you.

Do I pay any tax on my winnings?

German lottery winnings are generally tax free, which means you should only have to pay any income tax in accordance with your own local laws. If you live in a location where prizes are not taxed, such as the UK, then there should be nothing to pay under either UK or German laws.

How long is the prize claim period?

Usually around 13 weeks, but this can vary depending on which region of Germany sold you your ticket. The country has several smaller local lottery operators who participate in this national lottery game, and it's important to check the exact rules with the one who sold you your ticket.

How much does a ticket cost?

The standard price of a Lotto 6aus49 ticket is €1 although there is also a €0.50 processing fee. The exact price will also be affected by any supplementary games you choose to pay, and may vary via lottery courier services and due to exchange rate fluctuations if you are playing from outside of Europe.

What was the largest Lotto 6aus49 jackpot ever won?

A jackpot of roughly €45 million was won in December 2007 and shared between three ticketholders.

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