How to Play Online

Depending on how frequently you play or how closely you follow it, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that playing lottery games online is now possible. That’s not just one specific lottery, but practically any lottery from around the world. So, if you’ve been eyeing up America’s Powerball from Sweden or Italy’s SuperEnalotto from Australia, playing online gives you the chance to finally take part.

While this sort of online revolution may seem too good to be true to some, there are numerous service providers who offer a fully audited, safe, and transparent way of playing in international lotteries you wouldn’t be able to play otherwise.

There are two main ways that you can take part in the lotteries that span the globe, and both methods are explained fully below, so you know what to expect if you decide to start playing.

Lottery Messengers and Lottery Betting

If you are looking to take part in the phenomenon of online lotteries, you have two choices: lottery messenger services and lottery betting services.

Both methods will require you to create and register a free online account, and you will need to provide a valid payment method to add funds to that account if you want to play. After that, you are free to choose the lotteries you want to take part in as well as the numbers you wish to play with.

The biggest distinction between the two methods of playing online is that, with a lottery messenger service, you receive electronic copies of lottery tickets that have been bought on your behalf by a messenger agent; with a lottery betting service, you simply choose the numbers for a specific lottery draw and bet on the outcome of that draw.

This distinction means that when you play with a lottery messenger service, you have a ticket that gets entered into the main draw of the relevant lottery. A lottery betting entry differs from this in that you have not technically entered into the official draw, rather you have entered into the draw of the betting service itself.

The price of tickets and payment of prizes both reflect this distinction. Lottery messenger services will pay out the entirety of your prize in line with the prize you would have received had you been playing with a physical lottery ticket from the official lottery operator. The slightly higher ticket price covers service and administration fees of the agents working on your behalf. It’s worth noting that lottery messengers do not tend to charge commission on any prize you may win through them.

Lottery betting services – being independently licensed – can set the price of entry for each play and add bonus features such as a double jackpot, where a player might pay a slightly higher price for the chance to win twice as much. With a lottery betting service, you can also choose the particular draw in which you wish to take part. This is not an option when playing through a lottery messenger service because - while you can purchase multiple tickets for the same draw, and set up a recurring payment - you can only ever buy lottery tickets for the next upcoming draw.

On the other hand, lottery betting services can raise their ticket prices in the event of an unusually large jackpot or if their insurance prices have increased due to a number of winners, in order to guarantee and maintain a 100% pay-out record. In summary, while lottery betting services do offer a like-for-like payment, you could end up paying more to play depending on external factors.

Essentially, it comes down to whether you, as a player, would rather purchase an electronic ticket and feel like you are taking part in the draw, albeit online, or pay to place a bet on the outcome of a lottery ticket, while still receiving the same prize amount as you would have done had you played with an online ticket.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Lottery Messenger Services

Here are the benefits of using a lottery messenger service to participate in an online lottery:

  • You can purchase lottery tickets anywhere, at any time.
  • You can purchase consecutive tickets by setting up a Direct Debit – so you don’t forget to buy a ticket again!
  • You can play lotteries that would have otherwise been unavailable to you.
  • Your tickets aren’t at risk of being lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Similar to the point above, if you win, it’s less likely you’ll forget to claim your prize as you will receive email notifications reminding you to check your account.
  • There is a reduced risk of fraud. By signing up to and registering with a service, it is easy to establish and verify your identity if it is ever deemed necessary to do so. To learn more about avoiding lottery-related fraud and scams, visit Lotto Broker’s Scams and Advice page.

While there are only a few, the drawbacks of playing through a lottery messenger services are as follows:

  • Tickets carry a slightly higher cost than normal.
  • Anything involving large sums of money and gambling attract undesirables, so be aware of scam websites purporting to be official lottery ticket retailers.
  • And finally, the odds of winning, unfortunately, remain the same!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Lottery Betting Services

Read more about the benefits and drawbacks of playing through a lottery betting service below.

The good stuff:

  • As the service providers operate independently, they can offer certain perks like a doubling the jackpot amount, which would only cost a nominal extra fee.
  • They can also decide what the price of an entry should be, so you could end up paying less than you would for a lottery ticket bought in person.
  • Flexibility: you can choose when to start paying and playing. Unlike with a lottery messenger service where you have to play the lottery draws consecutively, you can choose a specific date on which to start playing with a lottery betting service.
  • Lottery betting services have free promotions – like a “Buy One Get One Free” offer – which are not typically offered by official lottery operators.

And the not so good:

  • You don’t actually own a lottery ticket as you are betting on the outcome of your chosen numbers.
  • You miss out on any supplementary games that the official lottery operator may offer, like the Millionaire Maker game offered to those playing the EuroMillions from the UK.
  • You may have to pay more for an entry in the event of a remarkably large jackpot.
  • The paradox of choice: with various lotteries to play in, alongside multiple scratch cards and on-going promotions, it can all be a bit overwhelming for players sometimes! With that said, Lotto Broker’s Games page makes it really simply to compare and evaluate different lotteries based on their characteristics.

Online Syndicates

Both online lottery methods offer punters the option of playing as part of a syndicate. A syndicate is traditionally an offline method lottery players use; comprising family members, friends or work colleagues, players can share the total cost of lottery tickets so that they have more entries for less money. That idea – of boosting entries while reducing cost – carries over into the online syndicate setup.

In an online syndicate, you would not know the people with whom you are sharing the cost of the tickets. The syndicated lottery tickets are sometimes known as “shares,” and the operator with whom you are betting takes on the role of the syndicate manager, ensuring that you receive the correct prize proportionate to the amount of money you have spent.

You would register as normal and make a deposit, and then pay a certain figure towards the syndicate – this figure would adjust the number of syndicate shares you receive individually – and then you play. It is worth noting that, when it comes to choosing a syndicate, the more shares available to be played, the higher your chances of winning, though not every syndicate will offer the same number of shares.

Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re thinking of playing the lottery online – whether through a messenger service or a betting service – check out the steps you will need to take to get started!

Step 1

Choose the lottery you want to play, and select your numbers. Also, choose the number of lines you wish to play and select whether it is a one-off payment or recurring payment.

Step 2

Register your online account, providing basic personal information like your full name and address. Fund your online account through a variety of payment options.

Step 3

If you are playing through a lottery messenger service, the proof of purchase will be emailed to you and the electronic copy of your lottery ticket will be placed in your online account.

If you are playing through a lottery betting service, you will be able to access your betting history through your online account’s interface. This will include current bets and previous bets.

Step 4

If you have a winning lottery ticket or bet, you’ll be notified by email and advised to check your online account for your prize. You are then free to choose how to receive and transfer your winnings.